Mountain Man Is Open For Business

Have you heard? Mountain Man Honey and Goods has a new store location and we opened our doors February 17th, 2018. That is right, a store to provide the same product our customers have loved for the last several years and now some more local products as well as some of those hard to find honeys from other parts of the country. We wanted the opportunity to showcase some local artisans and offer natural products on this side of town. All of our Farmer’s Market locations have closed for the season as well.

Changes are in progress!

Mountain Man Honey and Goods is going through some changes still or yet again depending on how you look at it. Although the changes should affect our customers minimally, expect a few changes with our site. The biggest change so far is our logo and some new labels. As for our products, we still offer the same great product for a fair price and would like to announce our added focus on our Bee-Whipped Southern Spun Honey which was formally called Buzzed Honey. The name has changed yet again due to legal reasons. I believe we have found our new name for good we hope. New flavors are now in stock!!!

Mountain Mans Hive and Honey Mountain Mans Queen Bee Mountain Man doing an inspection

Mountain Man Honey and Goods

Mountain Man Honey and Goods is a family based business selling the best honey around! We sell local raw, pure honey as well as our specialty, Bee-Whipped Southern Spun Honey. We deliver the honey straight from the hive to the consumer just the way the bee intended.

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How To Find Us?

We participate in several local Farmer’s Markets throughout the market season. These markets are located in different locations at different times weekly. Choose the time and or location that is best for you and stop by and see us. We can also be located at specialty shows and festivals throughout the year. Go to our Market Locations tab to find a location and time near you or go to our Facebook page for daily updates during the market season. If you still have questions and don’t want to wait, give the Mountain Man a call at 843-360-9129

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