Apple Delight Spun Honey


Pure Raw Honey and Apple Extract(Alcohol and Natural Apple Flavor)

Our Bee-Whipped Southern Spun Honey is all made with special attention to every batch. Each flavor goes through the same beginning process of being “Spun”. The honey has been crystalized and whipped into our specialty blends. Try them all and let us know which one is your favorite.


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Apple Delight

Who doesn’t like apple? Try this delicious combination and enjoy the crisp taste of apple mixed with our already tasty spun honey. This flavor originated when we made a ham and wanted to try something besides our famous Spinnamon Spun Honey. After that, we tried it on our porkchops, and it was absolutely divine! Our favorite way to use apple is in a chicken salad. We also highly recommend trying it on a summer salad with just a tiny bit of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. It is great mixed in with yogurt and with green tea. Some people compare the apple to a jolly rancher without the tart. It is refreshing and absolutely delicious. Try it as a fun addition to your favorite recipe! It comes in a soft jar that is not easy to break and is safe for shipping. Leave it out and it’s soft like a dip or put it in your fridge and it’s hard like a butter!

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