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A must have for any local and has also become quite popular for just any honey lover. Our Wildflower Honey is in stock! All those rumors and old home remedies you keep hearing about for allergies…. It works for that as well as having so many other natural healing characteristics. Buy a jar and prove it to yourself, raw and pure the way the bee intended is better. It isn’t to be compared to any grocery store honey of any kind from any producer that I am aware of to date. Ask around and find out for yourself that it really is the best around. *See description note below* 22 oz IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

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A lovely wildflower honey!

There are more types of honey in the world than there are of wine….

Wildflower honey is a varietal honey, meaning it has a variety of pollens. The bees visit many different sources of pollen, and therefore the honey can vary in color and taste from property to property and season to season.

The definition of wildflower explains why you can’t pin down the defining qualities of wildflower honey:

Wildflower: The flower of a plant that normally grows in fields, forests, etc., without deliberate cultivation.

In other words, there’s no specific genus or family for wildflowers; they’re any flower that grows on its own in the wild – so there’s no predicting exactly what wildflower honey will look or taste like. The honey is called “polyfloral” for that reason, since it comes from a variety of nectar sources, unlike “monofloral” such as orange blossom or clover.

There’s another important phrase in the definition of wildflower: “without deliberate cultivation.” That means beekeepers and honey producers don’t plant a field full of wildflowers. The flowers simply grow naturally, so there’s no way that uniformity can be guaranteed in the honey the bees make. It is very common for apiaries to mix honey from several different properties or bee yards during bottling, in order to come up with a more consistent product. You’ll still notice the variations in batches, however. Your best chance at getting a uniform quality over time is to buy from local source. We do our best to maintain a consistent “flavor” if you will.


We do not pasteurize our honey, nor do we filter it beyond fine filtering, so you are still receiving pollen at it’s finest. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our delicious wildflower honey!


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  1. Brian

    Best honey by far. It really does work for my allergies!

  2. evlee8856

    I brought my family by the new store. They just moved here and have been using your honey for their allergies. They love it so much! We also bought the new Blueberry Bliss. We just got started on the Well-Beeing to stay healthy. I’ll let you know how it goes. Cute store too!

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