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We are a three-generation family business, who put their lives into beekeeping. We absolutely love three things...bees, people and honey. We originated in Colorado, hence the name Mountain Man. My dad worked the hives up in the mountains and frequented Mountain Man rendezvous with jars of honey. Colorado will always be in our hearts. We ended up moving to Myrtle Beach, SC in 2011. We started small in SC but have been building our business and are so blessed to meet new people every day. You can find us at farmer's markets, festivals, and at our little store in beautiful, historic, downtown Conway. I'm so excited we've been voted the #1 Natural Food Store in Conway, SC 5 years in a row! Now, our hives are all throughout Horry County and we take great pride in our work, alongside our Carniolan/Italian Hybrid bees. You can find pure, raw, local honey and other yummy things when you see us. We "whipped" up a new tasty treat 15 years ago called Bee-Whipped Southern Spun Honey and the flavor variety keeps on growing. We look forward to meeting you, because after all, we wouldn't have a business without you, our community and friends. Thank you!


Plant a flower and save a bee!

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The Original Logo-
South Carolina (2011)

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